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A Marital Settlement Agreement is a written contract signed by both parties that specifically outlines how issues related to the divorce such as; property, assets, debts, child custody and support issues are resolved. The agreement essentially serves two purposes: 1) It will act as a stipulated agreement that will allow the court to process the paperwork without requiring both parties to attend a court hearing. and 2) It will hold both parties accountable to the terms of the agreement which is intended to deter potential future relitigation of the resolved issues. At DMS we walk you through the process to create a Marital Settlement Agreement personally customized to resolve your divorce. When all issues of the divorce are agreed upon we will draft the written agreement, which will be signed by both parties and submitted to the court for approval.

Divorce Mediation Services LLC is a mediation & document preparation service only. We are not a Law Firm and do not provide Legal Representation.

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