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"No words can express how professional, courteous, helpful, and honest Daniel is. Even after my case closed, Daniel still answered my texts/ calls since there were hiccups with my ex. Daniel truly cares for his clients and will do everything he can to help his clients get the justice they deserve. Without Daniel, I would not have come out of this case as peaceful as I did because he put me at ease throughout the whole process. If I can give 10 stars, I would."

- Tracy, Beuna Park, CA

"Daniel is responsive and will be there for any questions that you may have and walk you through the journey at the most difficult time of your life. He informative and very affordable. He did not side one way or the other. I would highly recommend Daniel if you are looking for a peaceful resolution."

- Cathie, Corona, CA

"Daniel took great care of my mediation services and was very thorough in explaining the entire process. He was prompt to answer all of my questions over the phone and email. Despite the hardships of going through a divorce, Daniel helped to make the process go smoothly and proceed in a very timely manner. His professionalism and immediate responses helped relieve the burdens and anxiety of the entire process. Thanks, Daniel!"

- Lee, Torrance, CA

"It's been months, yet Daniel answered right away when I texted him with a few questions regarding the documents he helped me fill out a long time ago! I highly recommend their services because Daniel and his team are such genuine people and really provide the best care to their clients =)"

- Michelle N., Westminster, CA





West Hollywood, CA

"I have been lucky in life and I haven't had a reason to use a lawyer or mediator before. I really didn't know what to expect going into our initial meeting. I used Daniel's services to mediate with a company that had violated a contract with me and refused to pay the money owed. They were so unresponsive and dodgy, I lamented ever getting the money I was owed. And I worried that hiring a mediate to get it back would be costly.

Daniel was wonderful and so helpful. He accommodated meeting close to my residence and his initial consultation is free. This is invaluable. He will go through the whole process of mediation and likely outcomes with you before you pay for his services.

I decided to use his services and he got immediate results. That company knew they were in the wrong and that I meant business about collecting the money I was owed. In only one week, they had paid  me the majority of the money I was owed and I was later able to collect the rest.

I have since used Daniel's services to consult on other matters and he is wonderful. He is very thorough and gives you realistic possibilities, not encouraging you pursue litigation if it isn't likely to benefit you. I highly recommend."

"Thank you Dan for finally getting me divorced! I made really poor choices trying to get my divorce paperwork done correctly and I was ready to just call the court and cancel the whole thing and start all over. I was getting my divorce judgement kicked back approximately three times. I don't know why nobody was able to get it right. Luckily, I came across Dan on Yelp and he is every single positive thing everyone reviews about. He was nice enough to meet with me in Los Angeles to go over my paperwork (I work there but live in OC) and he was able to draft up a perfectly well done judgement. Thanks to him, I just got a call from the court that my divorce paperwork has gone through and the judge is ready to sign it off. Thank you again Dan for your self and most importantly, for your knowledge. Price was very reasonable but besides that, you get 100% of his attention every step of the way."

- Carmen V., Seal Beach, CA

"I found Daniel and selected to use his company after reading his YELP reviews. After a brief conversation on the telephone and consultation in person, I knew immediately that the positive reviews were not wrong. I had previously spoken to another attorney regarding the divorce process who was very pushy and acted like I should know what to expect. Daniel explained how the whole process worked and offered suggestions for me to consider to save time and money in the process. His timeframe for completion was spot on and all the paperwork was completed on time. During his mediation process, he did not take a side but remained impartial and explained everything to both parties and did not continue to the next item until both parties were satisfied. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Daniel's services if you need an attorney for divorce proceedings. You will not be disappointed and waste your money on pushy lawyers who are only looking to pad their wallets and cash in on your misfortune. Daniel is one of the good ones left out there!" Public Comment

- Hector, Yorba Linda, CA



Westminster, CA

"I was fortunate to be referred to Daniel via a personal friend. I wasn't sure what I needed to do to initiate my divorce, as I was completely lost at the whole idea of divorce.  He was very professional, resourceful and most of all understanding and willing to hold my hand through the complete process. He's very informative and made sure I understood what I was doing and what I was signing. I was definitely never left in the dark or blindsided by anything.  Superior customer service!!! Amazing job!!"

Divorce Mediation Services LLC is a mediation & document preparation service only. We are not a Law Firm and do not provide Legal Representation.

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